Debbie Rowe Takes Michael Jackson's Family Back To Court


blanket-paris-prince-michaelDebbie Rowe, the biological mother of Michael Jackson’s two oldest children, says that she hasn’t seen her children in four months.  She’s taking the issue to court.

Rowe says that she worked out a deal with Katherine Jackson after Michael Jackson’s death that would allow her visitation with Prince Michael and Paris.  The agreement also stipulated that the children would meet with a family court psychiatrist.  Rowe believed that a psychiatrist would be helpful in introducing her into her biological children’s lives.

The original agreement also stipulated that Joe Jackson, Michael Jackson’s father, would have nothing to do with Michael and Debbie’s kids.  Michael talked extensively about Joe Jackson’s abusive behavior when he was alive.

Now, Rowe claims that the Jackson family hasn’t held  up their end of the agreement and she’s instructed  her lawyer to take the issue back to a family court judge.

Rowe says that she hasn’t seen the children since Michael Jackson’s death.  One scheduled meeting was canceled by Katherine Jackson, Michael’s mother and the children’s legal guardian, and no subsequent meetings have been allowed.  Rowe also seems to be concerned about the fact that Joe Jackson has had extensive access to the children, including spending time with them recently at Hayvenhurst, the Jackson family compound, er, home.

A source close to the family told one reporter that “Those kids should not be in that house.  All that’s talked about is money, Michael’s money, and how to get it. The kids are very sweet now. But they’ll be ruined if they turn into Jacksons.”