Debi Mazar Has Playdates With Madonna


debi_mazar-1Debi Mazar recently gave Celebrity Baby Scoop an exclusive interview and talked about her mommy moments and on being pals with Madonna.

The actress has two young girls, Evelyn, 7, and Giulia, 3, with husband Gabriele Corcos. Like any mom, she can become frazzled.

She said, “Honestly, I have a frazzled mom moment everyday!! I have 2 daughters with strong characters. Today’s drama was dressing warm in the morning. I chose a school with a uniform for this reason (well for many reasons – education being the first, but I needed less drama in the morning when it came to dressing). Now, she doesn’t like undershirts. I yelled a lot this morning, which made me cry. I felt awful about it. I tried to contain myself, but I want her to be warm, not get sick. I needed to win this one. It is hard to see their faces sad from me being the disciplinarian, but it is part of learning for them and for me! My kids force me to learn patience and I am a better, and more evolved person because of it. And they will understand one day. This is all textbook. There is not family that is drama-less. If there is one, I assure you there will be problems down the road. Communication is essential.”

The Entourage star has had a long lasting friendship with Madonna and even has playdates with her kids.

She said, “I don’t define my relationships to the press, but I will tell you (as it has been documented) that Madonna and I have been friends for almost 3 decades – dear friends. Our children have had play dates and we will always be friends. Will we work together again? I hope so! We are both creative minds and enjoy each other’s company immensely.”