Defending Christina Aguilera: She Just Needs A New Stylist (Photos)

Maybe she just needs a new stylist?

There’s been a lot of talk going on lately about Christina Aguilera and her weight (while the Lady Marmalade getting into the peanut butter jar joke was funny, it’s still uncool) and we can’t help but ask: can’t a girl be happy with her curves?

Mothers are usually obsessed with their weight whether it goes up or down and it seems like we really can’t enjoy who we are and the time with our kids without worrying about the way we look.

Sorry moms, but not matter how hard you try, trying to get back to your 21-year-old body might be a bit too difficult after multiple pregnancies, endless handfuls of goldfish, hours of mass cupcake preparation and very little time to yourself. Am I not right?

Christina doesn’t seem like one to breakdown in front of her critics and by the look of these pics, she seems to be very comfortable in her skin while spending time with her son Max at a pumpkin patch.

We don’t think Christina is fat at all maybe it’s just her stylist that needs to rethink her wardrobe (ok, and her hair situation).  Check out these photos of Xtina and tell us what you think.


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    Christina Aguilera
    A festive Christina Aguilera takes her son Max to the Pumpkin Patch with her boyfriend Matt Rutler.
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    Christina Aguilera
    Christina's adorable son Max could be seen looking at pumpkins with his mom and even enjoying a ride on the Super Slide.
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    Christina Aguilera
    The "Genie in a Bottle" songstress wore a flannel shirt with skin-tight leggings that should have not been touched in a clearance bin of a CVS.
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    Christina Aguilera
    We would touch on her hair situation, but let's save that for another 250-word post.
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    Christina Aguilera
    In all honesty, we love Christina when she is in her most polished form her signature ruby lipstick, healthy hair, and confident red carpet style.
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    Christina Aguilera
    While she is spending time with her son at a pumpkin patch in these pics, something just doesn't seem right.
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    Christina Aguilera
    What do you think?
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    Christina Aguilera
    At least her son Jordan looked cute!

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