Deliver Me: New Baby Show on Oprah's OWN Network


Oprah’s network: OWN premiered this weekend. With it come new shows, too. One of those is “Deliver Me,” a show about three OB/GYNs and their practice.

Alane Park, Yvonne Bohn, and Allison Hill share a practice. The three are friends and moms. The show not only gives us a peek into their lives as doctors and the patients they deal with, but also their personal lives and how they juggle it all as working moms.

The first episode premiered this morning. We saw some of their high risk patients: a mom who went through an amnio test to see if there were any problems with her baby and a mom who was in danger of losing her baby. We also got to know the doctors and their families a little bit.

 The show airs weekday mornings at 7/6c. Though, if you are running around getting your kids ready for school then, set your dvrs!

Did you watch “Deliver Me?” What do you think?