Demi Lovato Ashley Greene Threatening Emails: What Did They Say?

demi lovato threatening emails ashley greene threats
Demi Lovato's threatening emails to Ashley Greene

Did Demi Lovato really accuse Ashley Greene of stealing Joe Jonas? Rumors are flying that Demi Lovato and Ashley Greene exchanged threatening emails, but what did they say?

According to X17online, Demi Lovato shot a threatening email to Ashley Greene, accusing Greene in a “very nasty email” of “stealing her boyfriend and parading around with him on tour.”

Ashley Greene reportedly emailed back with a picture of her and Joe, and a request… for Demi Lovato to leave them alone.

Was the nasty email exchange what caused Demi Lovato to crack and enter rehab?

Should we even believe that there was fighting between Demi Lovato and Ashley Greene?

Ashley Greene’s rep maintains that there “was never an issue” between the two girls.