Demi Lovato Back on Twitter and Video of Her New Tattoos! (VIDEO)

Demi Lovato, demi lovato tattoos
Demi Lovato is back on Twitter and has new tattoos

Demi Lovato is back on Twitter.  After several weeks in rehab, she is back in the public eye and encouraged by her fans.

On Tuesday, she tweeted: “Guess who’s baaaaaaaack…!!!!!!!” on Tuesday,  followed by:

“I love you guys SO MUCH… this support is UNBELIEVABLE!! I’m tearing up I’m so thankful…”

She is so thankful to her fans that she got herself inked!

Watch the video below of the actress-singer in which she explains her new tattoos and expresses gratitude for her fans’ support.

Lovato has “Stay” tattooed on her left wrist and “Strong” written on her right wrist along with a heart that represents the love of her supporters.