Demi Lovato Costar - Who Needs Rehab? Demi Needs A Good Old-Fashioned Taco Night


demi lovato rehabMost of the Disney stars are steering clear of the whole Demi Lovato rehab situation.  Unfortunately for her Sonny with a Chance co-star Brandon Mychal Smith, he’s stuck in the spotlight as he promotes his upcoming stint on the Dancing with the Stars spin-off Skating with the Stars and has decided to offer his words of encouragement to his co-star. 

Just as the news was breaking that the actress had opted to leave her tour to enter rehab for physical and emotional issues, Entertainment Tonight’s Niecy Nash was able to corner the Disney star to get his insight into the whole situation.   Not really the best move for Brandon who basically implied that Demi is busy sitting by a pool drinking iced tea and licking a lollipop.

“If there’s anything that’s being portrayed in the media as problematic, it probably isn’t,” said Brandon. “This industry is very brutal and occasionally you just need to take 20 or 30 minutes to yourself.”

For himself, the actor credits his family with helping keep his feet on the ground, saying, “My family comes over every Sunday. We do Taco Night and I bring all my close friends… That’s kind of like the reset portion of my life.”

Look for Brandon Mychal Smith to show off his skating skills on the season premiere of Skating with the Stars on November 22.

Photo: PR Photos