Demi Lovato: Does Rehab Kill Her Teen Queen Status? Will Sonny Have a Chance?


Demi Lovato Rehab

Is Demi Lovato‘s recent breakdown and rehab stint a career killer or a blessing in disguise?

After rumors of an eating disorder, cutting, being a victim of bullying and lashing out at dancers, Demi Lovato’s squeaky clean Disney manufactured image has become  very tarnished. How will her career continue after she return from rehab? Will it be a triumphant tale of redemption with appearances on Oprah and the morning talk show circuit, or is it just the start of a downward spiral ala Lindsay Lohan?

But fortunately for both her health and image Demi’s issues don’t include drugs and alcohol, which would be harder to bounce back from. Instead she is dealing with issues that plague, sadly, numerous teens across the land. When she returns to work, will she be able continue with her Sonny With a Chance  persona? Will there be a “very special” episode of Sonny with a Chance perhaps tackling these terrible teen issues? Will she go from Camp Rock to Camp Rehab? Will the whole real life drama be swept under the rug and not addresssed in her career and roles? Or will Sonny with a Chance seem to risky to continue.

But it could go the other direction altogether, could her breakdown be the breakout she needed? Many a teen star, especially of the Disney variety, struggle to make the transition from teen queen to more adult, edgier, mature roles. Her rehab stint may just open those doors for her. She can now be more Stormy then cheery and Sonny.

Do you think her rehab will have a great affect on her career?

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