Demi Lovato Fans Show Their Support On Twitter While She's In Rehab

Demi Lovato Rehab
Demi Lovato's Fans Support Her on Twitter

Demi Lovato has many of her loyal fans supporting her while she is in rehab. A new Twitter hashtag has emerged to show support and rally behind Demi Lovato, #demigetwell.

Demi Lovato’s fans are speaking out and sending their well wishes to the singer as she strives to recover from physical and emotional issues while in rehab.

Some of the messages posted on Twitter for Demi were:

“Everyone goes through rough times. Still love you @ddlovato.”

” #demigetwell We all love you lots.”

“She’s such a strong person.”

And there was even one taking a dig at Joe Jonas for breaking up with Lovato:

“#demigetwell Joe you’re stupid.”

It seems as though fans believe that Demi Lovato has done the right thing and taken the high road by checking herself into rehab and admitting that she needs help. They will be waiting for her when she recovers!

Photo: PRPhotos