Demi Lovato In Rehab After Fight: Was Fight Related To Ashley Greene?

Demi Lovato In Rehab
Is Demi Lovato In Rehab Because of Ashley Greene?

Demi Lovato is in rehab after getting into a fight with a female on her tour with The Jonas Brothers. New details came out today about the incident that made Demi Lovato choose to seek help, and check into a rehab facility.

The identity of the person she got into a “physical altercation” with has not been released, but many wondered whether there was the possibility that Demi got into some sort of heated argument with Joe Jonas’s girlfriend, Ashley Greene.

Ashley Greene has even been the victim of bullying by some of Demi Lovato’s loyal fans, and some of them speculated that Greene was responsible for her entering rehab.

Despite the rumors, a source close to Lovato says that Twilight star Ashley Greene was not the girl that Demi fought with, and would only say that the person was a “young female dancer.”

The source added that there have never been any problems between Ashley and Demi.

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