Demi Lovato In Rehab: Does Demi Lovato Have A Right To Be Mad At Ashley Greene?

demi lovato in rehab
New Details On Demi Lovato's Troubles With Ashley Greene

Demi Lovato is in rehab battling various issues, from a rumored eating disorder, to problems with cutting, to speculation that she is using drugs. It has also been rumored that Demi Lovato got into a fight with a dancer on her tour, Alex Welch, just before entering rehab. There are also reports that say Demi Lovato had a confrontation with Joe Jonas’s new girlfriend, Twilight’s Ashley Greene.

New details have emerged that add validity to the claim that Demi Lovato has definitely had troubles with Ashley Greene since she’s been dating Joe Jonas. But does Demi Lovato even have a reason to be upset with Ashley Greene? Other than dating Joe, what did Ashley Greene do to her?

According to one source, “Having Ashley around all the time drove Demi crazy. At one of the shows Demi got in Ashley’s face and went nuts.”

Demi Lovato supposedly tried to get Joe Jonas back after he got together with Ashley Greene, but her attempts were unsuccessful.

Do you think that Demi Lovato has a right to be mad at Ashley Greene? And seriously, is Joe Jonas even worth fighting over?

Maybe Demi Lovato and Ashley Greene should both kick Joe to the curb and go grab lunch after she gets out of rehab.

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