Demi Lovato In Rehab: Estranged Dad Still Trying To Exploit Her

Demi Lovato In Rehab
Demi Lovato's Dad Still Trying To Exploit Her

Demi Lovato is in rehab battling a rumored eating disorder and issues with cutting, and her estranged father, Patrick Lovato, just can’t seem to resist exploiting his daughter at every chance he gets. Demi Lovato hasn’t spoken to him in over two years, and he is doing a great job at making their rift even worse by not being able to shut his mouth about her being in rehab.

This time, Patrick Lovato is playing the nostalgia card and talking about how Demi Lovato was as a child, well before her career took off and she ultimately wound up in rehab.

He said, “Demi was the most lovable child ever. She and her sister Dallas did nothing but laugh and have fun all the time.”

Patrick Lovato also added, “I always knew she could be a star, but I worried about the pressures she’d have in Hollywood…I want my little partner back, I want Demi to come back to me… I know she’s doing well and she’s going to pull through this.”

Does this make anyone else want to gag?

It’s just so sad that while Demi Lovato is trying to seek help in rehab, her father is trying to act like a victim, and ultimately make a buck off his daughter’s troubles.

Photo: PRPhotos