Demi Lovato In Rehab: Former BFF Selena Gomez Says She Was Bullied Too

demi lovato in rehab
Demi Lovato in rehab: Ex-BFF Selena Gomez was bullied too

Being popular with millions of teenagers evidently doesn’t mean you’re popular at school, too. After it came out that bullying may have something to do with Demi Lovato in rehab, her former best friend Selena Gomez, a fellow Disney Channel star, has admitted that she, too, was bullied during high school.

In fact, these talented kids’ success may have led to the bullying, as other kids were jealous of the special attention and special privileges given to Lovato and Gomez as they pursued their acting careers.

That is just so sad. I hope that Gomez has found peace with that terrible behavior and does not suffer from the eating disorder or is not cutting herself as Lovato was rumored to do. Maybe after Lovato has had her time in rehab, they can reunite.


Photo: Wikipedia