Demi Lovato in Rehab: Joe Jonas and Ashley Greene Karma Comment Comes True (Video)

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Demi Lovato in Rehab: Joe Jonas, Ashley Greene bad karma comment

Demi Lovato’s in rehab and it looks like Ashley Greene’s karma comment may be ringing true for Joe Jonas.

Bad karma for Joe Jonas and his brothers started with Demi Lovato going to rehab and quitting the tour with the Jonas Brothers.

Then came the announcement that Disney canceled the Jonas Brothers series, Jonas L.A. (thankfully!).

Finally, Jason Mraz says that the Jonas song from Camp Rock 2 is a rip off of his “I’m Yours” – seriously, check out the comparison in the video clip!

Is all this bad karma for Joe Jonas a result of his impact on Demi Lovato’s decision to enter rehab? Well… maybe.

Whether Joe Jonas and Ashley Greene play into Demi Lovato’s rehab treatment remains to be seen, but karma seems to be playing out some negative cards for Joe Jonas and his siblings.

The Ashley Green karma comment, by the way, was a retweet of a friend’s statement that read: “You can call it “freedom of speech”, “expressing your opinion” or what ever bullsh*t thing you tell yourself to sleep at the end..your a bully. And karma is a bitch.”

I know some Demi Lovato fans aren’t feeling much love for Ashley Greene and Joe Jonas these days, but I don’t know how much Demi and Joe’s breakup, then Joe dating Ashley played into Lovato’s rehab decision.