Demi Lovato In Rehab: Jonas Brothers Replace Her With "Jullie", A Demi Lovato Double (Video)

Jullie Demi Lovato Jonas Brothers Tour
Jullie Replaces Demi Lovato On Jonas Brothers Tour

Demi Lovato is in rehab after deleting her Twitter account and canceling her tour with The Jonas Brothers. She is seeking help in rehab for physical and emotional issues.

The Jonas Brothers have continued with their concert tour as planned, and have actually replaced Demi Lovato on the South American part of their schedule with a girl known as “Jullie”, who just happens to be a Demi Lovato look-alike. Jullie could easily pass as a double for Demi Lovato.

You can watch a video below of Jullie singing “Wouldn’t Change A Thing” with Joe Jonas, along with a video of Demi Lovato singing it with him, for comparison’s sake.

Jullie’s full name is Juliana Vaconcelos Povoas, and she is already a well-known singer in South America. Her career is actually quite comparable to Demi Lovato’s, which is sort of ironic. She started on children’s TV shows, which evolved into a singing career.

Jullie has even been dubbed “The Brazilian Katy Perry” by her fans, though she may now be called “The Brazilian Demi Lovato.”

Watch the two videos below and judge for yourself: Is Jullie the next Demi Lovato?