Demi Lovato in Rehab: Rep Issues New Statement, Says No Drug or Alcohol Addiction

demi lovato in rehab rep statement drugs alcohol addiction
Demi Lovato isn't in rehab for drugs or alcohol

With Demi Lovato in rehab, the rumors are swirling, but her rep has issued a new statement to say that no drugs are involved, setting the record straight.

Demi’s rep told TMZ: “Demi Lovato is not in treatment for drug or alcohol addiction. As we have said since she entered treatment last week, Demi decided to seek help for emotional and physical issues she has battled throughout her life.”

Additionally, the rep says: “She has taken this step in order to get her life in order. While we know many are interested in Demi and her life, we do ask for a modicum of privacy during this difficult time.”

Privacy seems to have gone out the window completely let’s hope Demi Lovato is getting the help she needs, and just maybe the media will get bored with making up stories for awhile.