Demi Lovato More Naughty Than Nice! Disney Star Scandal (PHOTOS)


Demi Lovato

Demi Lovato once had a squeaky clean image. The Sonny with a Chance star had that sweet Disney glow…but not anymore.

She recently went to rehab to deal with some of her “issues” and the idea that she was just the innocent girl next door – well that image is way tarnished. And these photos? They aren’t helping.

A series of photos of Demi Lovato with a gaggle of gals (and one shocked faced boy) as well as photographs of Demi posing in her bra hit the internet. And one of the girls pictured? She is the back up dancer that Demi allegedly hit.

These photos aren’t the kind of shots you’d really want your Disney lovin’ tween to see. We’re talkin’ cleavage, tongues and just plain old fashioned raciness.

Check out more pics of Demi being more naughty than nice right here:

Photos: BuzzFeed

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