Demi Lovato Rehab: A Result Of Teen Bullying?

Demi Lovato
Is Demo Lovato Rehab A Result Of Bullying?

Demi Lovato canceled her tour spot with The Jonas Brothers and has entered a rehab facility for “personal issues.”

Though the reason for Demi Lovato going to rehab hasn’t been released, there are rumors that she got into some sort of problem with a female performer on her tour, which led to physical and emotional issues for the singer, and some sort of abuse.

Demi Lovato has struggled in her earlier teen years with an eating disorder, and with self-mutilation. Lovato was a victim of teen bullying in high school, which is probably what led to her having troubles.

Could it be that bullying left such a scar on Demi Lovato that it drove her straight into rehab?

Teen bullying has become an enormous problem, and just because Demi Lovato is a celebrity teen doesn’t mean that she’s exempt from this sort of treatment.

Whatever the reason for Demi Lovato entering rehab, we wish her a healthy recovery.

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