Demi Lovato Rehab - Will the Teen Star Return to the Disney Fold?

demi lovato rehab
Demi Lovato Rehab

Demi Lovato has finished rehab.  Check.  She has apologized to her fans.  Check.  She has stayed away from Twitter.  Check.  Now will the teen star be able to return to the Disney Channel fold?

It seems like Demi Lovato has been taking all the right steps to make nice with the mouseketeer network following her downward spiral into rehab last fall.  The only question mark at this time is whether the network will let her return to the show that made her famous, Sonny with a Chance.    The show was once a Demi-oriented show that followed her character both on and off stage of the show So Random!  Now the show has moved on from Sonny and focused on the sketch show within the show taking aim at the skits and guest stars. 

Seeing as the show began production on its third season in late January, it appears that season three will once again take the focus off of Sonnyand place it on the rest of the cast.  Rumors are even swirling that the show will be renamed So Random for its third season making it really award for Demi to return as the series star. 

Do you think Demi Lovato will return to Sonny with a Chance?  Does the show really need her at this point?