Demi Lovato Twitter Pics: Demi Lovato Scandal While She's in Rehab? (Photos)

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Demi Lovato Twitter pics the latest scandal?

Demi Lovato Twitter pics show a new side of Demi will the latest Demi Lovato Twitter pictures leaked online, showing the Disney starlet baring cleavage, flirting with a friend and in her bra, open up a new scandal for Demi?

The racy Demi Lovato Twitter pics seen here show some provocative stuff for Lovato, and while she’s currently working through some things in rehab, this new photo scandal doesn’t seem like the kind of exposure that Lovato needs.

In the Twitter pics, Demi Lovato is seen with her backup dancers (including the one she punched), as she pulls her top down and reveals cleavage. Another shows Lovato licking one of the dancer’s faces and there are two sets that show a series of Demi Lovato posing in her bra.

What do you make of the Demi Lovato Twitter pics? These Disney girls have to remember that they’re supposed to be setting a good example for young girls. It’s part of their job.