Demi Moore to Write a Tell-All: Will It Ruin Her Relationship with Bruce Willis?


Demi Moore is writing a memoir that is said to include details of her relationships with both her current husband, Ashton Kutcher, and her ex-husband and father of her three daughters, Bruce Willis. And although Moore’s “troubled childhood and complex relationship with her mom will be the narrative frame for the book” she promises to be “candid” on various aspects of her life. I can’t help but wonder how Willis feels about this. From the outside, these two parents appear the model of how to raise kids through a divorce — even vacationing together with the kids and new spouses.

Nobody seems to know the real cause or impetus of the demise of Moore’s and Willis’ union.  Every end of a marriage has some skeletons — if Moore divulges such personal information it could harm the relationship they’ve seemed so careful to maintain.

However, my guess if she would never publish anything that would tarnish Willis’ reputation — after all, he is the father to her beloved Rumer, Tallalulah and Scout, and I can’t imagine her wanting to hurt any of them.  Especially for a memoir for which she certainly doesn’t need the money.

Here’s the real multi-million question: Will she be honest about the plastic surgery she’s had?  Because I’m not buying she hasn’t done anything at all to her face.  We’ll find out when the as-yet untitled book is published in 2012.


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