Denise Richards' Baby Shower Backlash - Should Stars Give Their Gifts to Charity?

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Denise Richards Baby Shower Backlash

Denise Richards baby shower should have been a completely joyous event.  It was a day set to celebrate the arrival of her newest daughter Eloise with her family and friends.  The excitement was in the air and Denise took to Twitter to share her happiness with the world.

It was an innocent tweet, “Good morning! So excited for Eloise’s shower today…the fab @mindyweiss is planning everything! Gonna be amazing” that brought some negative responses from a few readers.  One follower responded, “I think a party to welcome your sweet baby is wonderful! I just wish some1 in your position would have donated the gifts.”  Denise responded in kind, “it’s not about gifts it’s celebrating a birth. And you’re quite judgemental”.

While some celebrity parents do step up and donate the gifts to charity or ask friends to make a charitable donation to a childrens’ charity, it isn’t some obligation on their part to skip the baby shower.  Just because Denise is a celebrity doesn’t mean that she doesn’t want to celebrate her daughter’s arrival with her friends and family or that she doesn’t need some of the baby gifts.  Half of the fun of the shower is seeing what your nearest and dearest bring as a gift for your new addition.  A celebrity shouldn’t be expected to skip the shower just because we see them in some magazine.

Should Denise Richards donate her baby shower gifts to charity?

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Who can blame Richards for wanting to throw a Lavish Celebrity Kids’ Party?

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