Denise Richards Feels Pressure to Look Better in Public (Photos)

Denise richards style
Denise Richards, all glammed up

All of us moms occasionally has a day when we head out with our kids without make up and in an outfit that is probably best thrown out or at least only worn in the comfort of our homes. This is probably a several times a week occurance for me.

But, when you are a celeb mom who could get photographed every time you step outside your house, you feel more pressure to look your best. Denise Richards recently tweeted “I need to start fixing myself up in public..paparazzi always gets me looking like s**t and no make up:)”

Take a look at these makeup-free pics of Denise Richards- I think she’s being way too hard on herself:

  • At the Airport 1 of 5
    At the Airport
    After a flight to New York with her daughters, Denise still looks fresh-faced.
  • Shopping with Her Daughters 2 of 5
    Shopping with Her Daughters
    Okay, Denise Richards could probably use a little bit of color on her lips here.
  • On Her Way to Dance Class 3 of 5
    On Her Way to Dance Class
    The sunglasses hide her lack of makeup.
  • Shopping Trip 4 of 5
    Shopping Trip
    She does look a little tired here, but still fabulous.
  • After a Workout 5 of 5
    After a Workout
    I don't look this good, even before a workout.

Photos: PCN

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