Denise Richards Gives Advice To Single Moms




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Denise Richards gives advice to single moms.

Denise Richards has been through it all, from wacky husbands, loss of a parent, a failed reality show, and yet she’s remained poised and classy throughout. And she is giving all the single moms out there advice that helped her get through all the days.

“The best gift a parent can give children is time,” Denise told Rob Shuter of PopEater. “Spend time with your kids.”

It’s very evident that Richards has and always will put her daughters, Sam and Lola, before everything, including her career.

“I want my kids to be healthy and happy,” Denise says. “I feel so blessed that I have healthy kids. Single moms need to know its okay to have a little ‘me’ time. You’ll feel refreshed and you’ll be a better mom!”

As long as Charlie Sheen stays as far away from these girls as possible will be all the better.

Are you a single mom? What advice do you have for all the others out there?

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