Denise Richards Says Charlie Sheen's Twins Can Live With Her?

denise richards
Denise Richards Offers To Take Charlie Sheen's Twins

Denise Richards certainly seems like a very supportive ex-wife to Charlie Sheen. While many divorced couples try and keep things civil for the sake of the kids they share, Denise has gone above and beyond in trying to maintain a good relationship with Charlie.

To say that there is drama going on between Charlie Sheen and his estranged wife, Brooke Mueller, right now would be the understatement of the year. With Charlie out on his “Torpedo of Truth” tour, and Brooke back in rehab, their poor little twins seem to have gotten lost in the shuffle.

Denise Richards wants to help with the situation and supposedly told Charlie Sheen that the twins were welcome to come live with her until things calmed down a bit and Charlie’s tour was over. Though he hasn’t given her an answer yet, Charlie is considering taking her up on the offer.

Would you be willing to take in your ex-husband’s kids?

Photo: PRPhotos