Denise Richards Shares Weekend Family Photos!


denise richards
Denise Richards posts family photos from this weekend on her twitter!



Denise Richards may be a new mom to adopted daughter, Eloise Joni, but she still finds the time to move along with her career.

Just this weekend, Richards was scheduled for a photoshoot on the beach and she brought along her daughters for the trip!

While there were no signs of Eloise in her twitter photos, I’m sure the baby wasn’t far behind. And one of the family dogs tried taking her spot in the baby car seat! Perhaps Denise and Alyssa Milano need to have a conversation about their dogs trying to gain back attention when a baby is around.

Check out the family photos below!

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    Denise getting glammed up for the photo shoot!
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    The view from their location.
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    Lola is Denise's little fashionista!
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    The family dog steals Eloise's baby seat!

[Photos via Twitter/Pacific Coast News.]

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