Denise Richards Shops With Daughters and Hides New Baby From Cameras (Photos)

Denise Richards
Denise Richards, Sam, and Lola out shopping in Malibu.

Denise Richards just adopted a brand new baby girl, but having a newborn in the house hasn’t slowed down her busy routine one bit! Denise was spotted out and about in Malibu doing a little shopping with her daughters, Sam and Lola. They stopped by the Malibu Country Mart, and may have even picked up some toys for their new sister, Eloise.

After shopping, it looks as though Denise had work on her brain, as she headed to a photo shoot in the Malibu area. All three of Denise’s girls came along for the ride, though Denise was careful to hide the new baby from the lurking cameras.

As you will see in one of the photos below, Denise covered Eloise’s red car seat with a pink blanket so no pictures of her would be taken.

We understand that Denise wants to keep little Eloise out of the public eye for a bit, but we can’t wait to catch a glimpse of her!

Here are more photos of Denise’s shopping trip with her girls.

Photos: Pacific Coast News

  • Hiding her Face 1 of 5
    Hiding her Face
    Denise didn't seem too thrilled about her picture being taken.
  • Trying to Enjoy Shopping With the Girls! 2 of 5
    Trying to Enjoy Shopping With the Girls!
    Despite the paparazzi, Denise proceeded with her shopping trip.
  • All Smiles! 3 of 5
    All Smiles!
    Denise managed a smile for the cameras.
  • Concealing Little Eloise 4 of 5
    Concealing Little Eloise
    Denise made sure no photos were taken of baby Eloise.
  • Back to Work! 5 of 5
    Back to Work!
    Denise arrived at a photo shoot in Malibu.

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