Denise Richards Shows Off Baby Eloise: She's Getting Big! (Photos)

denise richards
Denise Richards and baby Eloise Joni.

Denise Richards seems so happy since adopting baby Eloise Joni a few months ago. She really had a rough couple of years after the loss of her mother, but this new baby really seems to have filled a void for Denise.

Denise brought baby Eloise along to watch her big sister Sam’s soccer game this weekend, and she cuddled her and showed her off on the sidelines. As you can see from these new photos, Eloise is really getting big!

Denise’s second daughter, Lola, was also at the game to cheer on Sam. Judging from the way Denise and her girls were dressed, I’d say that California had much better weather than the northeast this past weekend!

Here are a few more photos of Denise and baby Eloise at the soccer game.


  • Binky Baby! 1 of 4
    Binky Baby!
    Denise gives baby Eloise her pacifier.
  • Hand in Hand 2 of 4
    Hand in Hand
    Denise and Lola shared a cute moment watching Sam's soccer game.
  • Look at that tummy! 3 of 4
    Look at that tummy!
    Aren't baby tummies adorable?
  • Happy Mama! 4 of 4
    Happy Mama!
    Denise looks so happy to be spending the day with her girls.

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