Denise Richards Teaches Daughters About Dad Charlie Sheen's Addiction

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Denise Richards

While promoting her new memoir, The Real Girl Next Door, Denise Richards spoke with Matt Lauer on the Today show about Charlie Sheen.

Richards talked about how she explained her ex-husband’s behavior to their young daughters, Sam, 7 and Lola, 6.

“As far as the media, I shield them completely, but there were a few things they would hear through other kids,” she said.

“I did have a conversation with them about addiction and got a book to read to them because I was just lying to them so much and covering up and telling lies, and it was just getting too confusing.”

“They’re so young,” she continued. “I think they did comprehend some of it, and as they get older, they’ll learn more as needed. But I told them enough that they need right then that I think they needed right then to make sense of some things that were going on.”

Richards has been on a media blitz promoting her new book, The Real Girl Next Door, and Blue Mountain State on Spike TV.

Richards also said she rewrote sections of the book to address Sheen’ recent behavior. In the book, she reportedly credits his antics not to the man she married, but to the man she divorced.

“The man I fell in love with is very compassionate, humble, has a wonderful heart,” she said. “The behavior that a lot of us saw in the last six months is not the person that I met and fell in love with.”

“He’s the father of our daughters and I still care very much for him and want him well,” she said. “But, he’s also a survivor, and if anyone can pull themselves together, it’s Charlie.”

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