Denise Richard's Very Eventful Trip: Hung Out With Escort Before Charlie Sheen Was Hospitalized


When Howard Stern asked Denise Richards about what happened that night with Charlie Sheen she simply said, “It’s been a very eventful trip.” Denise was on a PR tour to talk about her new project the Spike TV Series ‘Blue Mountain State, but her interviews were high-jacked by her ex-hubby’s hijinx. She wanted to talk about her show, they wanted to talk about Sheen. But even though she is being relatively tight lipped about the whole thing, details are leaking out like that Denise Richards had met the hooker earlier in the evening!

According to Life & Style, Charlie Sheen and his escort were dining at the fancy New York City restaurant  Daniel along with some pals. According to reports Charlie and his crew got more and more rowdy. At one point “Charlie and his date excused themselves to the bathroom together, for a long time. You don’t have to be an investigator to know what was going on in that bathroom.”  At some point Denise stopped by but it was all too much for her and she  “looked like she had enough”

Good thing their daughters weren’t with her! That’s something that 5 and 6 year olds shouldn’t be exposed to.

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