Denise Van Outen Is Taking Motherhood Slowly


denise-van-outen-pregnant-firedDenise Van Outen is having a baby this coming May. Now that she’s without a job to hurry back to she says she’s going to really enjoy her time at home.

She’s not even going to try to lose the baby weight in a hurry.

She said, ‘I used to run, but I prefer power-walking now I’m pregnant. I do 50 minutes, three times a week. I’m not planning on “snapping back into shape” in some ridiculous time frame after the baby is born, either I think I’ll be exhausted enough with a new baby to look after, never mind putting myself through a punishing gym regime.”

‘I’m working on a health and fitness pregnancy book later on this year, which will be full of sensible advice. I’m looking forward to it.’

The one vanity point she is concerned about is stretch marks. she said,  “‘One of my main pieces of advice to pregnant women would be to use a good stretch-mark oil or cream. I slather them on – poor Lee, it must be like sharing a bed with an oil slick!'”

I’m glad she’s being sensible, however aren’t stretch marks hereditary?