Dennis Hopper Wins Daily Visitation Rights To Daughter


dennis-hopper-galenCancer-stricken Dennis Hopper got some good news yesterday. Not only will the ailing movie star get to see his 6-year-old daughter every day from 5-7pm, but the judge also approved a restraining order against his estranged wife Victoria — after a doctor claimed she was more or less slowly killing Dennis. Bizarre.

At the end of last month, Hopper’s wife filed for custody of their daughter Galen, sighting the allegation that Dennis both smokes pot in front of Galen and leaves loaded guns lying around the house. A move that was sure to make Dennis’ blood boil (i.e. shorten his life).

So, it’s nice to see that Dennis has now secured official visitation rights to his daughter. Regarding his medical marijuana use, Dennis says that Victoria demand that he not smoke within 6 hours of visitation with Galen is “an absurd request.” Instead, he said he’d agree to stop smoking within 1 hour of visiting with his daughter.

As far as the restraining order goes, Victoria is not allowed to come within 10 feet of Dennis or his adult children. She’s also been ordered to vacate Dennis’ residence in Venice (where he resides). She does, however, get to keep the couple’s Jaguar.


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