Dennis Hopper's 7-Year-Old Daughter Caught in Estate Battle


It’s no secret the late Dennis Hopper and his fifth wife Victoria were at bitter odds with a divorce pending when the actor recently passed away after a battle with cancer.  But there is an innocent and unintended victim as the war for his estate rages: his seven-year-old daughter with Victoria, Galen.

Allegedly the trustees of Hopper’s estate  want to kick Victoria and Galen off of Dennis’ property, but Victoria won’t leave.

A report also says Hopper drafted an amendment to his estate plan in March, in which he basically attempts to diminish Galen’s share from 40 percent to 25 percent. However, under California law, the amendment may not be valid, because changes to an estate plan are severely restricted once divorce papers have been filed.  Given Hopper also has two other daughters and a son, why Galen would have been a 40 percent beneficiary in the first place is puzzling.

Meanwhile, Victoria believes she’s entitled to 25% and the trustees want to give her nada. To be decided in court I suppose…


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