Dennis Hopper's 7-Year-Old Daughter Not at His Funeral


Dennis Hopper was laid to rest over the weekend after losing his battle with prostate cancer. Unfortunately, his seven-year-old daughter, Galen Grier Hopper, wasn’t there to see him off to his final resting place. That’s because Hopper and his wife, Victoria Duffy are in the midst of a nasty divorce battle over his estate, and neither Duffy nor Hopper’s representatives seemed able to broker a deal that would allow Galen to attend her dad’s funeral.

What a shame. I don’t care what happened between Hopper and Duffy, or how much they hated each other’s guts. You’re talking about a little girl here, and her dad, and not only did she have a right to be at his funeral, but the adults in her life had an obligation to make it happen. Sadly, they didn’t.

So are they making amends now, and trying to help Galen grieve? Nope. They’re still bickering over the details.

Duffy’s side is saying Galen was disinvited from attending. Hopper’s side is saying that Duffy wouldn’t let Galen attend unless she was personally able to escort her.

Here’s what we actually know: Hopper’s attorney sent a letter to Duffy’s representatives, outlining Hopper’s wishes for Galen to attend without her mother, who had said some pretty nasty stuff about Hopper and his family in his final months. (Apparently, Hopper’s family was also not that wild about having her there.) They suggest Galen fly to New Mexico for the funeral with her nanny instead. Duffy’s side maintains that the letter arrived the day of the funeral and it was unrealistic to think a mother would send a 7-year-old on a plane alone.

Who to believe? Who cares? A seven-year-old kid missed her dad’s funeral. So the details don’t really matter, do they?

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