Dennis Hopper's Daughter Is Money Hungry During Divorce Process


Dennis Hopper, Victoria and MarinWith a short time left to live, Dennis Hopper’s daughter Marin is wasting no time dealing with his lawyers. The actor, who is reportedly at home with loads of painkillers, filed for divorce last week from his fifth wife Victoria. They have a 6-year-old daughter named Galen.

“It’s so horrible, Dennis is at home, Victoria and Galen are living there as well, and Marin is pulling her father out of his bed and driving him to the divorce lawyers. The poor guy has no idea what is going on,” a friend of the couple told Huffington Post. “Even his lawyers are telling people he is on painkillers and is essentially sleeping all the time.”

Marin also lives at the home and makes a living booking appearances for her father. Insiders says it is her sending out false claims regarding Hopper’s estate.

“Victoria gets 25% of the estate unless Marin can push through this last minute divorce,” says the family friend. “Victoria has never asked for more and has no plans to contest the will. However, if the divorce is finalized, Victoria and Galen get nothing.”

“Marin has always hated Victoria,” the family friend adds. “If she can get her father to reject Victoria on his deathbed, and get more money in the process, she’ll be the happiest woman in Los Angeles.”

Wow! If this is true, this woman has some nerve. Her poor dad is dying and she’s trying to squeeze as much money as she can get? What about poor little Galen?