Dennis Hopper's Wife Files For Custody Of Their Daughter


ENTER MOVIE-OSCARS 54 ABAWhoever first penned the phrase all is fair in love and war would have been a great divorce lawyer in today’s world.

The divorce battle between Dennis Hopper and his wife Victoria is really heating up and the ‘all fair’ thing is really coming into affect. Dennis Hopper recently filed papers to end his marriage to Victoria and now she has filed to try to get custody of their six-year-old daughter Galen, as well as spousal and child support. What is she citing as reasons to give her custody?

One reason is that Dennis Hopper smokes pot. But it’s medical marijuana that he uses to help cope in his current battle with prostate cancer. In the documentation she states that he sometimes smokes in from of their daughter.  She also claims he has left loaded weapons around the house and “within reach of Galen.”
Victoria also is saying that Dennis doesn’t really want to get a divorce but that his family is pressuring him to do it so that she won’t get a cut of the inheritance when he passes away, with sadly, could be sooner than later.


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