Dennis Quaid: Twins' "Lives Were in the Balance"


Dennis Quaid is on a mission to ensure a medical error that almost killed his twins Thomas and Zoe Quaid in 2007 doesn’t happen to another family.  The newborns were accidentally given an overdose of the blood thinner heparin. “There were 41 hours where their lives were in the balance,” and he and wife, Kimberly, were in “shock, anger and confusion” he told the Associated Press.

Ever since, Quaid and Kimberly have been raising awareness of this common mix-up, “a preventable error,” the extent of which even many health care professionals are unaware of.

Quaid produced a documentary about medical mistakes called ‘Chasing Zero: Winning the War on Healthcare Harm,’ which will air on the Discovery Channel April 24.  Most important, how are the twins now?

Quaid said Thomas and Zoe have “apparently no ill effects” from the tragedy. “We were really lucky to have a happy ending,” he said.  Good to hear!


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