Dennis Quaid's 911 Scare


dennis-quaid-911-scare-thomas-boone-twins-kidsWhy is it that the telephone is a kids favorite toy? I was always afraid to let mine play with the land line phone, because of the very thing that happened to Dennis Quaid.

His two-year-old son Thomas called 911.

Quaid said, “T Boone is in love with numbers… For a minute there it was like, ‘Where’s T Boone?’ and we walk in and he’s just, like, hanging up the telephone.  We discovered that his favorite numbers are 9-1-1 because 30 minutes later this cop car pulls up from the sheriff’s office with the light going. They thought something was going on.”

We all lose sight of our kids and they are usually fine, but still, those little boogers are quick. They could do it in front of you. That’s usually happens to me. I turn my head to talk to one and the other is going crazy.

Ahhh Kids!

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