Details: Obamas Basketball and BBQ Birthday Party with Kobe Bryant, LeBron James & Magic Johnson!


It was party time for Barack Obama. The uber-busy President finally got a chance to really celebrate his 49th birthday over the weekend. His birthday was actually last Wednesday, which he spent in Chicago without the family. Daughter Malia is off at summer camp and Sasha was in Spain with her mom. But once Michelle and Sasha came home, the real party was ready to go off. And it was a pretty sweet birthday, totally worth the wait. So what went down on his day of celebration?

First Obama got to shoot hoops with a “dream team” of B-ball superstars. On the court with the president were LeBron James, Kobe Bryant, Carmelo Anthony and Magic Johnson along with a dozen other pro players. Yeah, when Obama plays a game Sunday pick-up game it’s apparently pretty epic.

After the game Obama had a birthday barbecue on the White House lawn with his wife, daughter Sasha, friends and some of the fellow players. Seafood from the Gulf of Mexico was reportedly a featured item on the menu. On Friday the US Food and Drug Administration deemed that seafood caught in the parts of the gulf were totally fine for consumption and not tainted by the BP oil spill.

Photo: PCN