Details Of Johns Hopkins Hospital Shooting: Man Takes His Own Life And His Mother's

Johns Hopkins Hospital
Shooting Today at Johns Hopkins Hospital

It was a scary day today for patients and employees at Johns Hopkins Hospital in Baltimore, after a man supposedly became agitated while being briefed by a doctor on his mother’s diagnosis, and pulled out a gun. He shot the doctor in the stomach, and then shot and killed his own mother, and finally himself.

The shooter has been identified as 50-year old Warren Davis, and his mother Jean Davis was the Johns Hopkins patient. The identity of the doctor has not yet been released, but he/she is expected to fully recover. Supposedly the doctor was in the process of telling Davis that his mother was paralyzed, and he believed this to be the doctor’s fault.

Part of the hospital was on lock down until they realized that Davis was deceased, and no other employees or patients were harmed. The incident occurred on the eight floor of the hospital, which houses the orthopedic and spine trauma department.


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