Details On Jon Minus Kate Plus Octomom


jon-gosselin-nadya-sulemanLike you, when I first saw the headlines that Jon Gosselin and Nadya Suleman were supposedly forming an unholy alliance, I dismissed it as a cruel and disgusting Halloween prank. Well, much like a zombie, the rumors of  Jon – Kate = Jon + Octomom reality show refuse to die. In fact, the more I read about it, the more I think we should fear the possibility of this beast actually coming to life.

Says a rep for the potentially disastrous reality TV experience:

“We’ve been developing this show for months,” the rep told E! News. “We’ve just been talking to the people the last few days. We were tipped off by Octomom’s ex-publicist that she had an obsession with Jon and that’s when we started developing the show.”

“After someone brings it to the media, it just freaks people out, but we’re not BS-ing. This is going to end up on a network. We’re talking to all four of them…Fox, ABC, NBC and CBS. We’re even talking about scheduling it around the Superbowl. We think it could be that big.”

So far, Team Jon denies that the show is in the works… but who would really believe anything that comes from Team Jon?

When you think about it: Jon’s desperate for money + Octomom’s desperate for a reality tv career and money + this is their best shot either of them have to achieve these ends = there’s definitely a chance that that Jon & Octo Plus 22 could come to life.

Doesn’t that make the hair on the back of your neck stand up?