Dexter Season 5 Episode 4, A New Love For Dexter?

julia stiles

Did you watch Dexter season 5 episode 4 last night? Dexter is one of my must see shows and after last season’s jaw dropping finale, I wondered this season could live up the hype it built.

I’m still not sure if it is, but I like the way it’s going. This season we’re seeing a softer, gentler Dexter, (well, aside from the brutal killings anyway) who’s recovering from the murder of his wife and struggling with single parenthood at the same time. We got to see Dexter try to be a good guy ‘at least a little bit’ by caring for Stiles’s character of Lumen Pierce after she discovered his latest murder. We also finally got a bit more of a look into Julia Stiles’ character, and I think we might just be seeing Dexter’s new love interest.

So while I could care less about LaGuerta and Baptiste’s marital issues, and I am kinda enjoying the Deb/Quinn pairing and Quinn’s suspicions that Dexter actually is Kyle Butler (didn’t we already see this in season 2 with Sgt Doakes let’s remember how that turned out!), it is the introduction of Stiles’ character that I like the most. When I first heard she would be joining the cast I thought she would be a police officer, or perhaps the nanny that Dexter had been looking for for little Harrison. Needless to say I’m quite intrigued by who her character will turn out to be and what that means for Dexter.

Did you watch Dexter season 5 episode 4 last night? What do you think about the character of Lumen Pierce?

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