Diane Lane Is 'Motherly'

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Diane Lane Stars in 'Secretariat' Which Opens Friday

Secretariat star Diane Lane is motherly she can’t help it! When E!Online’s Marc Malkin told the actress that some of her Secretariat co-stars described her as ‘motherly’, her response was ‘”Oh, good!” “Oh, very good. I’m glad to hear that.”
Lane, who has a 17 year old daughter, Eleanor, with her first husband, Christopher Lambert, goes on to say “I have heard that. I try. Actually, I don’t try—I just do. Motherhood has made a much better person out of me.”

Secretariat is the true story of the Triple Crown winning racehorse of the same name, and Lane says she was eager to be in the movie. She says that “I was such a fan of Secretariat myself, so when I saw that they were making a movie, I just got all excited.”
I’m pretty excited to see this movie myself. I’m actually looking forward to a live action family friendly movie! Will you go and see Secretariat?

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