Dianna Agron's GQ Glee Photos: Why Are Lea Michele's Pics More Trashy?

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Why aren't Dianna Agron's GQ Glee photos as trashy as Lea Michele's?

Dianna Agron took to her blog to post an apology for the racy GQ Glee photos, but really the question at hand is why were Lea Michele‘s pics more trashy than Dianna Agron’s?

You could argue that it’s a star power thing. Lea Michele, as Glee’s Rachel, is more a part of the show each week than Dianna Agron, who plays Quinn.

Yet both are featured in the GQ Glee photo spread, so it has to make you wonder why Agron got the less seductive poses and outfits.

Sure, Dianna Agron is scantily clad too, but Lea Michele doesn’t even have more than underwear on in most of them. Agron at least has a teeny tiny skirt to wear.

Nor is Dianna Agron seen seductively licking a lollipop. Or sitting with her legs spread wide apart with a pair of hot pink heels.

Comparing Dianna Agron and Lea Michele in these Glee GQ pics, you can certainly see that Lea is playing much more naughty for the camera.

Why do you think that Dianna Agron’s outfits and poses aren’t as seductive/sexy/raunchy/trashy as Lea Michele’s?

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