Dianna Agron GQ Photos: Why Haven't Other Glee Cast Members Spoken Out About Photos?

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Dianna Agron Only Glee Cast Member To Speak Out About GQ Photos

Dianna Agron certainly turned quite a few heads with her racy GQ Photos that she took with Glee co-stars Lea Michele and Cory Monteith. Dianna issued somewhat of an apology for the photos on her blog, but she also defended them as well.

She basically said that she was sorry if the GQ photos made anyone uncomfortable, but she also questioned why kids would have a copy of the magazine in the first place. I’ve got to say, Dianna has a point.

The photos are the center of a huge controversy, and I can’t help but wonder why Dianna Agron is the only one of the three Glee cast members involved to actually speak out about the GQ photos.

We’ve heard nothing from Lea Michele or Cory Monteith thus far. Could it be that they just want to lay low and try and stay out of the scandal? Or are they completely embarrassed and fearful that fans will no longer watch Glee?

Whatever the reason, Dianna Agron took the high road by issuing a statement, don’t you think?