Did Anna Kournikova Leave The Biggest Loser Because She Is Pregnant?

Is Anna pregnant?

While there’s still mystery surrounding Anna Kournikova‘s unexplained departure from The Biggest Loser, we might have the answer: there’s a good chance she’s pregnant.

Enrique Iglesias‘ other half was recently spotted on a boat in Miami looking quite rounder in her tummy area. The chart topper further fueled the rumors as he was photographed kissing Anna’s stomach.

Coming from two people who have never confirmed their marriage or spoken about their 10-year relationship, there’s a good chance we will never find out if she is indeed pregnant. There’s a good possibility that Anna left The Biggest Loser because she wants to stay out of the spotlight while her stomach grows.

The crooner was once quoted as saying, “If I ever had kids I would like to keep it a secret.”

Kudos for Enrique on wanting to keep his children out of the spotlight, but on the other hand we’d love to see Anna and Enrique as parents.  That baby would be gorgeous!

Check out Anna’s baby bump pics here and tell us what you think.


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