Is Bethenny Frankel Rebounding With A New Man Already?


She might have only announced her divorce a short month ago, but it looks like Bethenny Frankel is on the rebound already. The gossip mags are reporting that the reality television star might have already moved on from her soon-to-be ex-husband with businessman Warren Lichtenstein.

People Magazine is reporting that Bethenny and Warren are denying the reports and that a source close to the rumored couple says that they are “just friends.” Here’s what we’re reading:

“Bethenny and Warren have been great friends for more than 20 years, and he has really been a support system during this sad time,” a source says.

The source also quelled rumors that the reality star, 42, moved into his $6.3 million Upper East Side, N.Y., apartment. However, she did clock in some time at his Manhattan digs when he wasn’t home.

She reportedly stayed at the billionaire’s place for one night with 2-year-old daughter Bryn “so that she and Bryn could have some girl time,” adds the source. Hoppy, whom she married in 2010, still lives in the former couple’s Tribeca loft.

Bethenny is also denying the rumors on Twitter but we can’t help but wonder, was she unfaithful to Jason while they were married? Yikes! We just hope that their daughter, Bryn, doesn’t get involved in any of this!

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