Did Danielle Staub Try to Have Dina Manzo's Daughter Taken Away?


The plot thickens. But it’s one that won’t be playing out on screen but rather now just in tabloids and gossip sites.  When Dina Mazno left the Real Housewives of New Jersey most assumed it was just because she felt that Danielle Staub was just too insane, crazy and wackadoodle to costar with. But according to Dina, Danielle didn’t just stop with taking smack about her hair and wanting to “wear her like last year’s Versace,” no Danielle wasn’t just going after Dina, she was going after Dina’s daughter Lexi…

Dina talked to Life & Style and confessed that the real reason she left the show was that Danielle tried – in vain – to have her daughter taken away from her. So what did Danielle do?

According to Dina, in the beginning both her and her ex-husband (Lexi’s dad) signed off on then 12-year-old Lexi to be on the show. But after the Real Housewives of New Jersey started to air and Lexi’s dad saw the questionable content on the show, he allegedly decided he didn’t want her on the program. That’s when Danielle went in for the attack.

“She told my ex’s family that I’d actually forged his signature on the contracts, which I did not,” Dina said. “She knew she could work on his emotions, so she supplied him with every phone number of everybody he’d need to follow through with a lawsuit – contacts at Bravo, our production crew and her attorneys.”

Fortunately, Dina’s ex didn’t believe any of Danielle’s claims and never followed up with any kind of lawsuit. “She thought more would come of it, like I could lose custody,” Dina said. “She just wanted to hurt me.”

But apparently merely leaving the show hasn’t stopped Danielle trying to stir up trouble for Dina.

“Now she’s telling people my ex-husband is suing me and that Bravo fired me because of that.”  And Life & Style said that Dina’s current hubby Tommy has left her for a younger woman and not longer lives with Dina. A claim Dina says ain’t true.  “Tommy lives right here with me and is happy as a clam,” she said. “Things are better than ever.”