Did David Beckham Have An Affair With Shery Shabani?

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Did David Beckham Have An Affair with Shery Shabani?

As of late, soccer stud David Beckham has been accused of having extramarital affairs. Now, new information has leaked pertaining to an affair with a Ms. Shery Shabani.

Shabani is a married mother of two, and according to documents, Shabani’s husband had an altercation with Beckham outside of his childrens’ school back in May.

Shabani has repeatedly denied the affair and is friends with Beckham’s wife, Victoria. Police were called to Shabani’s home back in August after a domestic dispute and she has since filed for divorce.

When questioned by police, Shabani’s husband said that he got mad at her because she was upset that his wife had not heard from David Beckham in a while.

Do you believe David Beckham had an extramarital affair?