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Did Delonte West, LeBron James' Mom's Affair Keep Him From The Knicks?

By eksarran |

Shortly after LeBron James’ decision to go to Miami to play with the Miami Heat this upcoming season, people are wondering if his choice was influence by more than just basketball and possible championship games.

Rumor has it that the alleged affair that took place between LeBron’s mom, Gloria James and his Cleveland Cavaliers teammate Delonte West had a major influence on LeBron not going to play for the New York Knicks.

Already, the affair has been a hot topic among media outlets, and ESPN host Colin Cowherd has said that he and his colleagues were specifically prohibited from discussing or covering the story. The New York Post was also set and ready to report on this rather embarrassing situation for the James’, and only ceased when they were supposedly begged by LeBron’s representatives to hold off.

But the fact of the matter is, something like this can’t stay behind the curtains for too long. And had LeBron chosen to go to the “Big City,” where media frenzies are a regular, and professional–and very popular–athletes have little-to-no privacy, the story could have dragged on forever and been a major embarrassment and hinderance for LeBron. (Supposedly LeBron James found out about the affair between his mom and Delonte West during the Cleveland Cavaliers’ conference final playoff series against Boston Celtics, and it seriously affected his performance, letting down his entire team.)

Though during last night’s ESPN special during which LeBron announced he is traveling to Miami to become a Heat player, he insisted it was purely for the desire to win a championship, we have to wonder if his mom’s actions with Delonte West really made a difference. Perhaps he wanted to keep his family and this now-very-public situation out of the biggest spotlight in the world: New York City.

Will he ever be able to have the same relationship with his mom–with whom he was apparently very close? Or will this always be a cloud hanging over the mother-son bond?


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158 thoughts on “Did Delonte West, LeBron James' Mom's Affair Keep Him From The Knicks?

  1. LeBron says:

    Well No shit. How would you fucken feel if your teammate went out with your mom. Good Job going to Miami. And i was a Cleveland fan too.

  2. HAhahahah...Whatever says:

    Are the Miami Heat players ready for that jelly…Is Gloria hot enough to get with the Heat roster?

  3. Evon says:

    They all need prayer and healing. I know it this is true, that Lebron is hurt, so is his mom, and I assume Delonte for the news getting out…..However, someone told what had happened. Now, Lebron is going to the Miami Heat and hopefully his dreams to win a Championship there will be fulfilled and he will heal there too.

  4. MAllen says:

    Who cares about what the teammate did… what about his Mom? Hobag mom banging a player during a playoff series? Ugh.

  5. Jennifer says:

    Who cares what Lebron’s decision was? I was a huge Cleveland fan and I love Lebron. Although I would have rathered him stay with Cleveland I support his decision 100% and will continue to support him with the heat. Cleveland or not, he will remain a very talented individual. He has to do what’s best for him and not worry about the fans. He was loyal to us for 7 years he has to move on with his life. Dan Gilbert has disapointed me majorly not supporting Lebron. The only ones who should be called selfish are the former Lebron James fans who refuse to support him any longer and Dan Gilbert who is a very nasty, individual. Your team sucks now Dan, i’d like to watch you win a game without Lebron let alone a championship. It’s not one player who makes the team win, its the teamwork between everyone. And with Lebron Wade, and Bosh the heat will be unstopable. So, Dan shut your mouth. Try to make your own team and run it right so you can actually keep your players :) I LOVE YOU LEBRON!

  6. Ron says:

    Maybe it’s a simple as the fact that LeBron would have had to pay millions more in taxes, had he chosen to go to New York. I’m surprised there are any wealthy people living in New York, given their propensity to penalize the successful.

  7. vinnywaxxx says:

    well mrs james is a RAGING skank and her sons a trader and an imbarassment to the NBA. What a useless family.. Not only do I wish the heat lose everygame, but I also wish delonte marries his shkanky mamma and becomes Lebrons daddy, maybe he can smack some class into that looser

  8. Lorianne stubbs says:

    I’m a basketball fan for life. I love you lebron I’m a lakers fan but I love what you brought to the NBA. This is a busniess this is your life you did your JOB. You wear the pants
    in the family and I totally respect you for your decision you have to be happy and I’m a parent just like you and I would of did the right thing for my kids and family YOU ROCK

  9. Elaine says:

    Is the story really true about his mom and Delonte? I heard it too, but has it been confirmed? Why would it still be off limits to ask him about it or at least report it?

  10. Elaine says:

    also on the Delonte issue, be mad at your mom and Delonte, but why throw the playoffs. That’s not being a team player, which we all now know he is not for the team, he’s for LBJ.

  11. RichmondHeat says:

    LeBron will walk away from his decision with a couple rings in a few years. if this story is true then he had every reason to be upset. It is his mom and delonte’s fault, but that’s your mother. You can get over that with time. As for your teamate…lets just say I cant wait to see if West catches a couple hard fouls in the first Heat Cavs game. LeBron was reasonably upset. Cavs fans are bitter at the moment ,but they’ll get over it. LeBron was a free agent who chose to switch teams. Where’s all the raptors fans screaming Bosh let his team down?

  12. evelyn ellerbe says:

    hey he made a move that he felt was better for him and if hes happy then im happy i love the king and he will always be king james 2 me sleep well at night because at the end of the day your family is all that matters basketball is 80%business and 20%basketball so he made a business move god bless u king james and your family!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  13. Jake Johnson says:

    Hey Ron, have you ever heard of spell check? If one of your team mates had sex with your mom, what would you do? I know I would hurt them severely. That’s just me though. I dont think this has anything to do with him going to New York. I think that Miami is the most possible city to win a championship at. Simple as that. I think with Dexter Pittman backing up Bosh, and maybe playing Center will be interesting, as well as Da’Sean Butler. I think it’ll be fun watching him play. Most people dont realize, that if he wouldn’t of hurt his knee, he would have been early first round, so there roster is stacked right now. All they need to do is just start making some deals and get the roster about 6 or 7 more people. Mark my words, Miami will win a Championship this coming year.

  14. tylerau says:

    This story holds no valid point… First off, sure New York is a bigger town, but Miami itself is quite large and possibly just as much in the public eye as it tends to set trends, similar to, but not as extreme as L.A. Joining a super team puts a larger spotlight on the group as a whole, possibly, but not any less of one on James. That franchise is about to rise significantly in value and the NBA will become much more popular in its entirety due to the fact there’s a new team of this caliber. Secondly, anyone named ” The King” (not even self-proclaimed) of basketball should not be criticized for attempting to do whatever is in their power to earn a couple of rings. He joined is boys he played with in the olympics and even recruited with on top of that.

    My impression would be this whole affair might have affected his choice not to stay in Cleveland. Call me crazy. Actually I would bet on it. I”d go so far as to say the Knicks haven’t been on his mind in a while. You could see in Dwane and Chris’ eyes on espn earlier this week when they declared the heat, they knew exactly where james was going.

  15. Chantel says:

    Just a bunch of low class ignorant people. How dare LeQuit drag Cleveland and their fans over the coals like that on national TV. He must think he’s really important. So important, that he has to be with two other stars to win. You are a disgrace LeQuit Shames.

  16. lina mar says:

    i really have enjoyed watching Lebron play and i always will anywhere he is. he has worked so hard to be able to make the decision of what team he wants to be a part of but heres the thing their should be a mother son talk where the son teaches his mom morals and values. and he leaves his mother in cleveland to start a life without her. money doesnt buy u class. lebron doesnt need to have his children around a selfish opportunist grandma.

  17. McDermott says:

    look lebron its not that you left cleveland at all. Its how you left us, you not only crippled our team you embarrass us in front of the country. Ya you probably will be successful in south beach no doubt but you can never be the legend you could have been in cleveland. You broke a promise that you will bring not just cleveland a championship but your hometown as well. Not many pros get to win one let alone the first one for their hometown. I will still support you only b/c you are from here. I love you as a player but as a man i dont see you as loyal as you so say.
    You can never be a legend like Dr. J. No statue to represent your home. I just cant believe you turned your back on us, but its whatever lebron just whatever.

  18. karn joshi says:

    maybe if his mom didn’t wasnt such a ho they would of won the finals and he would of stayed a caviliers

  19. Justin says:

    Lets see hhere I am a Cavs fan and have been blinded by the LBJ hype. Look as far as him leaving to another team so be it. Itsall about the way in which he played this out. Instead of being “A 25 year old Man” (as said by him last night) and walk up to the owner who gave James everything and anything he asked for and tell him hey man I loved it here you did everything I asked its just not working out Thank You. No he bought sometime on ESPN and rubbed it in the faces of his own people, from his own hometown people. If he bolted cause of West and his Mom then blame them not the ones who looked up to you loved you and worshipped everything about you. This feels like finding out tht your girlfriend/wife is cheating on you. Im sorry to Cleveland fans you didnt deserve it.

  20. Susanne Buffet says:

    Hey Mom
    You did a great job with your son Selfish and just wants the money. I am sure youn are pushing him for that He is just a bank for you. KING JAMES–I dont think so__Keep feeding him thtat–Soon his head wont fit thru the door

  21. tuan tran says:

    SO SAD for Labron. He just burnt bridges and destroyed his legacy. He does not have the heart of a champion because quits on games, he is not a leader because he does not know how to motivate his teammates and make them better in the playoffs and they are too afraid to fail so they defer the ball to him in the playoffs. No mater how many rings the Heat will get; D Wade will get the credit for them and not Lebron. NON OF THEM should get the credit either because they acted in collusion by taking less money at the peak of their career, so that they can take home the hardwear. Very sad for the NBA because young stars are multi millionaires now, and they can afford to do this. Steve Nash should now join the Lakers for less and bring Grant Hill there too.

  22. jennifer says:

    Now Lebron knows what it feels like to be betrayed by someone he idolized, imagine all the Akron/Cleveland children whose innocent hearts were broken when Lebron announced his he was abdoning his hometown last night.

  23. KB says:

    Talking about someone’s mother’s sex life, no matter who his is is going too far. It’s totally disrespectful.

  24. messr69 says:

    Lebron gave cleveland everthing a star can give and they always come up short. To win a championship you need a strong surrounding cast. Ask koby, sometime change is for the better or worst. I’m a Lakers fan but Lebron will not get a ring in Cleveland. Michael Jordan would’nt won 6 rings if Scottie and his cast step there game up. So don’t be so hard on
    Lebron it business.

  25. messr69 says:

    And so of all Lebron,wade and Bosh will never get a ring as long as Mr. Koby is still playing. So take that to the bank.

  26. Alex B says:

    lebron is a joke and a clown he showed his true colors by signing wiht miami that he is a wuss and cant do it on his own….

  27. Blaze says:

    Don’t forget Labron is a 25 year old kid, who plays with other boys. His mom’s activities, when broadcasted by other kid’s in the locker room, would be a disruptive force. How tough was it for the other players not to talk about it as well? He has been a proven loser since high school, and it continues in the pros. I would suggest Dwayne and Chris to be ready to carry the team in the championships against the Lakers next year.

  28. Reyi says:

    If Delonte and Gloria really did so, it would be ridiculous. It hurts the team and their dream to win the championship last season after leading 2:0 over the Celtics. I don’t believe the Celtics would have beaten the Cavaliers if it wasn’t for that rumor. Anyway, the Heat benefits from that. Go LJ I support you in your decision at 105%. This is your true chance to win championships. Good luck…….!

  29. Reyi says:

    You’re at the right place. Welcome to MIAMI!!!!!!!

  30. greens says:

    I’m not a major lebron fan, but nobody can deny his talent on the court. And as far as basketball goes, he just wants to win not only games but a ring. He knows to really be considered one of the greatest he has to win rings. And the best chance to do that is Miami, where he has two other superstars to compliment his game with the same skill level and desire to win. As far as Delonte and Mrs. James situation: there’s just certain lines you don’t cross on both sides. There’s ethics in everything. At least that’s what I thought. Great move LBJ. See you on TNT this season coming up

  31. CLIVE says:


  32. Kimmy says:

    This is all so out of control! If I were Lebron, I would focus on career and family. At the end of the day, that is who will be there and pay the bills. His mother could have been a little more discrete but she is not dead!I mean damn! The public acts like she is a “chester-chester”.She was a teenage mom which means that there is approximately 15 or so years between her son and his associates..ewww…but that is fact and reality for alot of people, for real! I believe the public terms her as a “COUGAR”. I think that lady was probably venerable and used poor judgement not realizing that it would be so devastaing for her son and self!It probably was not even worth all this…I am sure it was something to do, booze was invovled and a late night “fancy smancy” hotel room were the “no she/he didn’t” ingredents for this diaster. LeBron James there is only 1 judge, live your life for that day!His opinion is the only 1 that matters. Pray about everything and worry about nothing! K~

  33. gerald sinegal says:

    Im glade to him leaver those losers and make switch for the best way to go Labron

  34. Tony Carrasquillo says:

    He did not throw the series! He is a human being and his mom just shat right where he eats!! In the middle of the conference finals!! He was just extremely hurt and at the very least was distracted!! However,today is a brand new day with a new number, new uniform, a new start with no baggage whatsoever!! New money and about to reunite with his Olympic teammates so sit back and enjoy the show because there’s a new big three in town and not just in Boston!!!

  35. The Josen One says:

    LeBron is one of the top 4 players to EVER play the game…I’m from Ohio and I’ve lived here for all 28 years of my life. Unfortunately for this situation, we take our sports very personal. I think that is because we really want something to believe in. LeBron gave us that and we should be greatful that he did what he could…the Cavaliers lost all the games that they lost, not LeBron. I respect him for the player that he is. Good luck LeBron…I’m still down!!!

  36. Bob says:

    Ok lebron is gone. lebron you want a ring but your not man enough to work for it. You want to go to Miami with three of the top players so you can get it. You could have gotten it in Cleveland but YOU QUIT, You throw that game and you know it. What kind of man does that? You said that you came to the Cavs as a boy and left a man, OMG LMFAO. We stood up for you, we backed you in every way and you spit in our faces and made us all wait for you to say look at me im lebron and im leaving to get a ring. What a baby, what a little boy. Miami have fun with lebron he will spit on you and quit when it counts if you dont wipe his nose and he will move on. Some people reading this might be saying that I used lowcase L every time I spelled lebron, I’m just showing him the respect he has given us. lebron you have alot of growing up to do. Your fans are hurt and now you will see in Miami if you dont do well they will boo your a$$ out of town unlike Akron/Cleveland where you had true love. Do us a favor when that happens, go some place else with your tail between your legs dont come back here cause we DONT CARE ANYMORE….
    Good Luck lebron hope you do well when you quit on miami and all the others you try and play for………….

  37. imtheish2fly says:

    First of all for the haters, you have to put yourself in his shoes, i mean what if your mom had an affair with your teammate. would you be able to go on the court and look at that teammate the same without think about what happened. Lebron was obviously hurt and he needed some space so he left for miami. that was HIS choice and nobody else. I mean he’s a grown man he can make his own decision,it’s his life not yours. even though he let his fans down he’s gonna make them proud when he wins championships in miami.

  38. LAKERS 2011 - 3PEAT says:

    all of u stfu, yall dont kno bout basketball at all. Lebron going to miami shows how he is NOT ONE OF THE GREATS, he cant be the “guy” and lead a team to the championship, now he jus going piggyback on wade and bosh, 2 ALLSTAR/ELITE players, smh, its such a shame, he is a great player dont get me wrong, but him to do this has screwed his legacy!

  39. mash440 says:

    Do you really think Lebron would have won a championship in cleveland. They would have allways been that 1 player short. He went to Miami to get a championship point blank. Look whatthey did for this year they wnt and got shaq he was great in his prime but not the guy he was hell he can bearly get off the floor when he falls. Lebron needed help and he didnt get it. Hes gone move on enjoy the season to come. Now i root for two teams im excited. As for the shit with his mom thats her buisness leave it alone.

  40. Shane says:

    I am NBA fan and People need to calm down ask yourself how focused would you be if you found out your mom slept with your teammate during the conference finals. You think it would be that easy just because he is a superstar athlete, remember Lebron is human and has emotional feelings to. Lebron gave everything he had during his 7 year career for his hometown. Now he is hated for making a decision for wanting to win a championship elsewhere when the cavs owner gave him a bad supporting cast that was nowhere to be found during the cavs playoff runs, Please!!!! Lebron made the right choice because if he had stayed in cleveland he would have died trying to win a championship and it would have been all for nothing the fans and owner would have been ungrateful. Better to leave in your prime then to win a title elswhere when your career is almost over by being on the bench with limited minutes. Here is another thought Dwade will never win another title if he stayed in MIA with no help, Bosh will never win a title by himself on a team and people forget Lebron is the 2X league MVP so he is the key piece for Dwade and Bosh to win multiple championships in the near future and to say Lebron is piggy backn on someone elses team is b.s. it’s really the other way around plus MIA will have a revampt Heat team with mostly new players, can’t wait it’s going to be very interesting and exciting.

  41. dan says:

    As a pistons fan, this whole Lebron deal is hilarious. He changed teams like a lot of players do – to win. All the LeBron haters used to love and worship him like a god. Now that he’s not playing for your team, you turn and call him every name in the book. Hilarious. Cleveland should try to land OJ Mayo from the grizzlies if they are looking for some more home town talent.
    Dan Gilbert is a moron. What a spiteful jerk he is for saying all that below-the-belt stuff about James. Now I see why he left.

  42. MPunch says:

    If there was any truth to Delonte & Lebron’s mom do you think Clevelanders will lynch Delonte? Possibly forgive Lebron? I mean I would have a completely different opinion about his decision to leave and possibly go after the Cavaliers’ management team as well.

  43. Jason says:

    Lebron is a highly paid professional athlete. There’s not excuse for letting issues in his personal life affect his play, barring the death of a family member or good friend (and even then, I’ve seen other athletes excel after such things). The fact of the matter is that Lebron’s mom and Delonte West are both adults, and as such, can sleep with whoever they want. Lebron doesn’t have to like it, but he’s paid to show up and play, and this is espeically true of playoff games. And, it’s not like his mom is a saint anyway. How does Lebron think he got here? She doesn’t even know who is dad is. At any rate, as a Cavs fan, I no longer care that Lebron is gone, but it’s sad that instead of going out with a bang, he’s gone with a whimper. How could you play so poorly in the Boston series, regardless of the reason, and then turn around and have some hour-long ego-fest info-mertial to announce your new team? That’s weak, man.

  44. jazzmine says:

    First of all there two individuals you don’t mess with that is Mom and Dad. How do you expect Lebron to perform when you tell him that information about his mom and delonte right before the most important game 5 with Boston and Cleveland. That will effect his thoughts especially when Delonte is sitting on the same beach with LeBron Lets get it right. The organization should of protected him from that but they didn’t Owners always want to be in other parts of player private life. Look at the affect upon Jordan when his Dad was murdered. I know its difficult to understand for people. You can mess with the girlfriend or wife but Moms or Dads absolute no no. And besides no one knows that specific details of the affair Hello

  45. Isiah Johnson says:

    Man, people spreading rumors like this just because the man wanted to sign with another team? How come this stuff didn’t come out during that series. Just put yourself in that situation, people saying things like that about your loved ones just because you decided what was best for you. Its one thing to favor other teams over the heat and its players because of sports spirit, but its another thing when you attack the mans’ and his families character. I wished these celebrities would just stop doing interviews and stopped answering these idiot papparazzi and media. Don’t talk to them, don’t say a word. Just walk away. I like how Kobe does his interviews now. He gives one word answers to those same idiots who bashed him years ago. Make them feel stupid and dum. That’s all they are, just bunch of idiots that didn’t get a college degree so they decided to take pictures and ask stupid questions.

  46. Jay Mitchell says:

    Rumor or not…unfounded (Skip Bayless’ term) rumor or not…alleged affair or not…it is very disingenuous that ESPN is blind to the polka-dotted ELEPHANT in the room. If it was T.O. …let me repeat, if it were Terrell Owens, every ESPN, ESPN360, ESPNU, ESPUNAMEIT, would be broadcating the ALLEGED affair 24/7!

    What has Roger Cossack warned them of? Does Lebron have ESPN in his back pocket? Journalist? Can’t wait to hear the excuse from the world-wide leader.

  47. Chad says:

    @MESSR69 COMMENTED ON JUL 10 10 AT 4:08 PM
    lebron is a joke and a clown he showed his true colors by signing wiht miami that he is a wuss and cant do it on his own….

    He tried to do it on his own for 7 years… that is the problem.

  48. Art says:

    LeBron is going South but his mother is still riding West.

  49. ra.sloan says:

    I wouldn’t blame Lebron for leaving Cleaveland if this rumor is true. If my mom were to sleep with a co-worker it would affect my work and yours too if you have a conscience. Lets face it, if something like this situation has an affect on someone no matter how hard they may try not to let it affect them or show it. If Cleaveland should be mad at anyone it should be Delonte! If this is true, he would be the primary reason for Lebron leaving, and should know better than to have sex with a colleague’s mother.

    Just my opinion,

    Who? RA.SLOAN

  50. Wantsome says:

    Did his mom go to Miami, I’m lonely?

  51. JCHolmes says:

    It’s not about Lebron. Mama like young cock.

  52. DMcguirt says:

    Where do I begin? I guess it is interesting to hear about such things, if you care to. I personally don’t care wether or not LBJ’s mom slept with Dan Gilbert (now wouldn’t that be an interesting rumor???) Maybe that is why he was so mad!!! Just joking, anyway i understand to some degree why Cleveland fans are unpset, but burning jersey’s, calling him a coward, a traitor, a punk, a quiter etc. Come on, really, if he never one a title everyone would have criticized him for that!!! Saying he couldn’t live up to the hype,the pressure, everything involved. People want a new Jordan so bad!!! And I will admit it, I do to, but Lebron is not Jordan, nor is Kobe(for all you Kobe fans) Could he be? No, he is Lebron James and I’m glad he is, he is a different kind of player all the way around, and he is only getting better. I have followed Lebron since 8th grade(true basketball fan, unlike most who just want to jump on the HATEFUL caravan)He showed greatness then, and wannabe’s kissed his feet then( just like now, SAD :( (() Anyway, he MADE CLEVELAND, not the other way around,(I’m from Mich, and he made boring azz Cleveland matter, admit it Cleveland is boring) Cleveland fans admit it he gave more to you guys than you ever gave him! How many of you ever knew who he was before he ever joined the Cavs???I have read some of the comments others have said, and some have valid points, but bashing a dude for leaving for another team to play with friends??? Come on???
    Maybe he didn’t go about it the right way( I personally don’t care) How many times do owners/GM’s trade a player, and could care less how they feel about??? ALL THE TIME!!!
    You guys can side with Gilbert if you want, but ask yourself this? Why did Boozer leave and decline a chance to come back? why did Bosh completely overlook Cleveland? The city can’t keep or draw anyone to come for a reason, think about it and that goes beyond basketball(I’m not bashing, so don’t get your feathers all ruffled) it is just fact. Seems like most Akron/Cleveland fans have gotten caught up in the whole Lebron worship they created. You guys called him “The King” he didn’t call himself that, I have never heard him call himself that or anything else similar for that matter. Bottom line!!! if you were in his shoes (think about it now) what would you honestly really do??? It is easy to say what you would do, but would you really do it? I know what I would do, I WOULD LEAVE and if you hated me? So be it. He now knows his REAL FANS from all the fakers who didn’t even know who he was when he was growing up in the projects 10 years ago. Cleveland should get a dose of REAL REALITY of who did what for whom, and be greatful he didn’t play football instead :)


  53. DMcguirt says:

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